Crafthouse Cocktails

Unique Blends for Discerning Palates

Bufala Negra
Maker’s Mark, fresh basil, brown sugar, and balsamic syrup topped with ginger beer

1608 Julep
Knob Creek, fresh mint and homemade mint syrup mashed and poured over crushed ice

Farmhouse Cosmo
Basil Haydens, cranberry juice, fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup

Old Fashion
Angels Envy, muddled bing cherry and orange, boston bitters, simple syrup and orange peel garnish

Pleasure House Margarita
Espolon Tequila, Cointreau, superfine sugar, and fresh lime juice shaken and served up with a sugar rim and lime wheel

IPA Cocktail
Home made honey-ginger syrup, grapefruit juice and O’Connor’s “El Guapo” IPA

Bourbon Mule
Elijah Craig 12yr, ginger beer and fresh squeezed lime juice

Crafthouse Cocktail