Hardywood Pint Night
01 Jul

Hardywood Pint Night – Featuring Vinalia Urbana and Virginia Blackberry

We have another Pint Night coming up on July 9th, and this time it will be a double feature from the fine brewers at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. The two features will be Vinalia Urbana (White Wine Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Golden Ale), and Virginia Blackberry (Belgian-Style White Ale Brewed with Fresh Virginia Blackberries).

So put it on your calendar… July 9th from 6-9pm. This is a Pint Night you won’t want to miss!

Read Hardywood’s detailed decriptions of these two Belgian-Style Ales:

Vinalia Urbana

“Named after the Roman festival held to bless and sample the wine of the previous season, Vinalia Urbana, a Belgian-style golden ale, is aged for months in freshly emptied Sauvignon Blanc barrels. This maturation process lends some light vinous notes and a hint of oak that blend beautifully with the subtle fruit and light spicy character imparted by the Belgian yeast. Vinalia Urbana is delightfully dry and delicate on the palate with lingering white grape and stone fruit undertones.”

Virginia Blackberry

“A Belgian wheat beer brewed with a touch of rye and a massive addition (over 1,000 lbs. per 40-barrel batch) of plump, ripe blackberries grown by Agriberry in Hanover County, Hardywood Virginia Blackberry offers an assertive fruit character while remaining extremely refreshing. Ruby hued with the bright aroma of fresh bramble berries, this beer’s pleasantly gentle body leads to a rather dry, rounded fruit finish, making it irresistible on a hot summer day.”