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Local Foods and Beverages


O’connor Brewing

O’Connor Brewing Co. is a mighty yet humble craft brewery located in an “industrial section” of Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood. Their mission is to create an original, world-class craft beer experience for all beer lovers through innovative, evolving products and services while supporting local communities. They are all about having fun, creating beer, and enjoying the malts of their labor. They don’t take themselves too seriously, however they always strive to make consistently great beer that puts a smile on your face.


Smartmouth Brewing

Located on the banks of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia, Smartmouth Brewing’s 20-barrel brewhouse typically churns out 250 barrels a month – that’s around 500 large kegs, 83,000 cans, or 25,000 forty-ouncers if you’re classy. It also includes an 1100-square-foot tasting room open to the public where you can have a sip or several, purchase a keg, grab a six-pack, fill your growlers and score some Smartmouth swag. Their tasting room is family-friendly, and the deck and driveway are dog-friendly.


Young Veterans Brewing

For Young Veterans Brewing Company (YVBC) brewing is about love. Since their first batch, they have been delighted by the artistry of the process and the creativity of recipe development and perfection. They are captivated by the detail and scientific precision required during the production and maturation processes. Mostly though, they love the joy they provide with their distinctive, high quality beer.


Backbay Brewing

Back Bay Brewing Co was founded in 2011 by a group of Virginia Beach friends. With deep roots in Virginia Beach’s Back Bay, Charlie Burroughs and Josh Canada were in a duck blind discussing their dream of brewing their own beer when they decided to make that dream a reality. They brought on three life-long friends and Virginia Beach natives, George Powell, Will Yearick, and Josh Malbon who all share their passion for beer and the outdoors. A year later, with each partner bringing a unique skill set, Back Bay Brewing Co. was founded


Pleasure House Oysters

Oysters from the Lynnhaven are renowned as the best in the world. From start to finish, Pleasure House Oysters cares for their oysters entirely by hand. Lynnhaven’s finest are hand selected, tumbled, graded, cleaned, counted and packaged to deliver the world’s most exceptional oysters to your table.


Lynnhaven Coffee Roasters

This small batch coffee roaster located in the Lynnhaven Borough of Virginia Beach sources green coffee globally with the intentions it will be enjoyed locally. Lynnhaven Coffee Roasters imports beans in-season from Peru, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. The coffee beans are then roasted frequently and in small batches to deliver the best flavor possible.


Manakintowne Growers

Manakintowne Specialty Growers is a family owned and operated farm in Powhatan County, Virginia. They grow and supply fresh cut herbs, greens, and specialty produce for the best chefs and markets in Central Virginia.


Sam Rust Seafood

Sam Rust Seafood is a processor and distributor of exceptional live, fresh and frozen seafood.  They provide the freshest quality seafood to all types of establishments, including white tablecloth restaurants to buffets, supermarket chains, hotels, caterers, and natural food markets.