Southern Grit Magazine - Frankenstein Four Course
27 Jan

Southern Grit Magazine Gives 1608 More Burger Love

“…it’s not difficult to see why this burger was the best entree we ate in 2015”

Thank you to Southern Grit Magizine for the great write up in the Frankenstein Four Course Article! Of course, our favorite part was when you wrote that 1608 Crafthouse’s Bacon Cheeseburger “was the best entree we ate in 2015.” Many thanks, Southern Grit, we hope you stop by for another one in the near future!

You can read the full article HERE, or just read the section about 1608 below…

One city, under God, with beer and bacon for all- I don’t want to name names. That’s not true, I do want to, but I’m not going to. There are restaurants that serve the same amount of meat and potatoes, for more than twice the amount, that don’t use half the technique Kevin Sharkey and the crew at 1608 Crafthouse use while preparing their bacon cheeseburger. The blend of 80/20 is prepared bacon side down, in a cast iron pan, so that upon the flip, the remainder is cooked in bacon fat. Hand formed with a gentle attention to detail from a blend of different primal cuts, the meat itself has more flavor than that knob of filet you just paid thirty eight bucks for. Accompanied by hand cut fries that are rinsed, brined, and blanched, it’s not difficult to see why this burger was the best entree we ate in 2015. A burger.  It didn’t come with a hefty price tag for a breathtaking view, a family heirloom sauce, or a glass of wine. It came with bacon, and a beer, brewed just up the road (nudge, Drew, nudge) and in that you can rest assured, we certainly do trust. -Gregory