Southern Grit Magazine - Top 5 Farm Food
29 May

Southern Grit – Top Five Local Farm Food Finds

1608 Crafthouse’s Lamb Curry Burger just got some great press on Southern Grit Magazine’s Website in an article naming 5 restaurants that are doing “Farm to Fork” right. The article focuses on 5 dishes that are composed of 50% or more local ingredients. The Lamb Curry Burger is first on the list, and you can read what was written below in red, or check out the full article HERE. Thanks Southern Grit Magazine, stop back by anytime! We’ve got plenty more locally sourced dishes for your enjoyment!

1) 1608 Crafthouse- Lamb Curry Burger

The Border Springs Farm lamb from Patrick Springs VA, loved by Husk Executive Chef Sean Brock mind you, is just the beginning of this local gem by Chef Kevin Sharkey. There’s Everling Coastal Farm pea greens and even Dave & Dee’s mushrooms rendered down in Smartmouth’s Cowcatcher Stout at play! As Sharkey put it, “You’re looking at my retirement here” -referring to his restaurant. “I’m always looking for the freshest ingredients to cook with.” This burger, originally created for the James Beard Better Burger Project, and now a full time item on the 1608 menu, is a great example of what a passionate chef can do with fresh components.